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Edward Norton and his movies : Stone 

” John and I worked so closely on The Painted Veil, and we just have a rhythm. Once we knew we knew we were going to do it we sat down together and worked on it for maybe six weeks. Then we rehearsed with Bob for about a month and then everyone else came. (E.Norton)

I. LOVE. YOU! Your blog is a real paradise. I feel better after visiting it. Thank you a lot for your work :)

Thank you so much, I appreciate it.

Sorry I haven’t been on too much, I haven’t had much time to make this blog what I’d like it to be, but thank you, dear<3

I know I’ve been gone for quite some time so I don’t have much right to come on here this way and say this but I am extremely unhappy with the amount of reposting I’ve been seeing of these gifs and of things on sister blogs of mine. 

I just want anyone who plans on reposting anyones stuff who sees this to know that we work hard on our shit and you reposting it is a big fat slap in the face and really does make the creator feel like shit.

Please guys, refrain from reposting, just reblog.

Thank you.

I cant believe people can even be remotely rude to you. Like, if you dont like the gifs, figure out how to do them yourself jesus. I think you're great :D I just wish you posted more on this blogg♥

Aww, thank you<3

Finding time to sit down and go through a movie to gif is really tough, especially right now, I know I always say that but it’s the truth. It’s my first year of college and I started last week and I’m already slammed with work like you wouldn’t believe. I don’t blame the people who unfollow or anything I just wish some people were more understanding. But awww thank you lol. The second I get a free hour or so, I’ll devote it to this blog(:

they arent coming out very good...

I’m a little rusty, what can I say?